Black Cup Club
Black Cup Club
Rooted Farmstead

Black Cup Club

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Like a fancy, exclusive Black Card.... but for flowers.

Membership includes an exclusive Members-Only Black Cup that you're entitled to fill to the brim once a week, every week, for the duration of our growing season, your own florist snips and 5% off all in-store purchases in 2023.

That means:

  • Fresh flowers each and any week we're open for Pick-Your-Own in 2023
  • Mother Nature is in control, but in 2022 that would have meant over 11 cups ($275 value)
  • An automatic 5% off all in-store purchases when you bring in your Members-Only Black Cup during the 2023 Calendar Year


Answers to questions we're anticipating:

  • For Pick-Your-Own Flowers Only. Not valid on grab-and-go bouquets, bouquet bars, etc. If you prefer pre-picked flowers, please check out our options for Bouquet Subscriptions.
  • Sorry, no buckets! Cups only at this time.
  • Discount is not transferrable (i.e. you can't let someone "borrow" your cup to get discounts)
  • Valid for the 2023 growing season only
  • Refunds are not given if you skip a week
  • There are a limited number of memberships available - on purpose!  Once they sell out, they're gone for the season.