Welcome to Rooted Farmstead's new online marketplace!
Welcome to Rooted Farmstead's new online marketplace!
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Private Photography Session
Rooted Farmstead

Private Photography Session

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Rooted Farmstead provides a gorgeous and unique backdrop for your professional photography sessions.  We offer private photo sessions year-round, with an ever-changing rotation of flowers, colors and interest.  

Private Photography Session Details

  • The Farm can be reserved by the hour for photography sessions at a fee of $50/hour, which is to be inclusive of your time to set up and breakdown.  Fees are reserved in whole hour time slots only.
  • Only one photographer may reserve the farm per time slot
  • During your reservation, you have access to the fields and greenhouse.  The shed may be open upon request.
  • Photo sessions are reserved on a first-paid, first-served basis.  Sessions are not considered booked until full payment is received.

General Policies

We are first and foremost an operational farm.  Entrance onto the property is only permitted during public events and approved Private Sessions.  Trespassing onto the property outside of these times is unlawful, not permitted and not tolerated.

Be respectful and aware of the natural environment, equipment, neighboring residents, crops and farm operations.

Do not pick the flowers or any other crops growing at the time.  If you would like a bouquet for your shoot or would like to include a Pick-Your-Own experience, it may be added on for an additional fee.

If the property is damaged including crops, Rooted Farmstead reserves the right to bill the reserving party for damages (i.e. if the photographer makes the reservations, the photographer will be billed)

Absolutely no glitter, confetti, rice, silly string, fake flower petals, fake snow or other “tossing” items may be used.  This is a NIGHTMARE to clean, contaminates our soil and is a danger to our animals.  If it is used, the reserving party will be charged an hourly rate of $50/hour for cleaning.

Well-behaved dogs (and other pets) are allowed, but must remain on-leash at all times and must be closely monitored to ensure they do not enter planting beds. Again, any damaged crops are expected to be paid for by the photographer.  Waste must be removed and disposed of properly.  

Please be respectful to other photographers and conclude your session within your reserved time allocation. Multiple sessions are scheduled daily, back-to-back.  

If policies are not followed and your session is interrupted no refund or extended time will be made (i.e. returning a wandering child, catching a fleeing dog, stopping to remind you to PLEASE not use glitter....) 


  • Pennsylvania Agritoutism Activity Protection Act 27 of 2021 applies (see bottom of page)
  • Children and animals must remain with their guardians and be supervised at all times.  
  • Scott Avenue is an active farm lane that serves multiple properties.  Please keep an eye on children and animals as there is regular traffic on this roadway.
  • Stay off any and all equipment including but not limited to tractors, ladders, etc.
  • Please be aware of uneven ground, bugs, and critters.
  • There is limited shade on the property.  We recommend being prepared with sunscreen and plenty of water during your session.

Inclement Weather

Should it become necessary to reschedule a private photography session due to inclement weather, we will work with your party to find a new time.  If we are unable to find a new time, we will refund the session fee.  Inclement weather includes:
  • Temperatures over 100 degrees
  • Active rainstorms
  • Any severe weather watches and warnings or heat advisories issued by the National Weather Service

Inclement weather does NOT include:

  • Too sunny/Too overcast
  • Too cold/too warm
  • Wet ground
  • Wind

Cancellation Policy

To be respectful of our time, and the number of photographers wishing to reserve sessions on our farm cancellations and rescheduling, with the exception of inclement weather, must be received at least one (1) week prior for a refund.  

Covid-19 Updates & Precautions

If sessions need to be cancelled as a result of COVID-19, you may reschedule to another available time reservation.


Rooted Farmstead reserves the right to change our policies.  We are an active, operational farm.  While it may be required that we are outside working on the farm at the time of your session, we will make every effort to not interfere with your session.

Photography During Public Events

Photographs by our customers during public events is permitted, and encouraged!  Of course, please be respectful of our other customers and our operations. Please do not close off or block areas off to our other guests or be disruptive to others' experiences.  We do reserve the right to halt any activities that are deemed disruptive.