At Rooted Farmstead, we're thrilled to announce the expansion of our wedding flower design services. What started as a limited offering has quickly become not just a cornerstone of our small business, but truly one of the most cup-filling parts of my journey.

  • Sustainable & Seasonal

    We celebrate and lean in to the unpredictability of nature, which means we will not guarantee specific flowers or colors. But what we will guarantee is that each piece we create is as unique as the flowers we grow. We grow responsibly, source with intention and design sustainably.

  • À la Carte

    Choose from a menu of our thoughtfully curated bouquets and floral arrangements. Our transparent pricing and grower's choice designs are the perfect antecdote to decision fatigue with clear choices and fixed prices,

  • Full Service

    We'll walk with you taking your wedding florals from imagination to installation, curating something truly unique to you and your story.  This is designed specifically for those wanting a flower-forward event and highly customized designs.

We believe

stunning and sustainable

local and luxe

playful and soulful

can co-exist.

  • Review

    Please take a moment to go through the details here.  If you aren't sure if A La Carte or Full Service is best for you, we're happy to walk you through to decide what's best for you, your vision and your budget.

  • Connect

    Complete our inquiry form with as much (or as little!) information you have about your event such as date, location and vibe. We recommend contacting us as early as possible to ensure availability. 

  • Payment

    A 20% deposit for all orders over $500 is required.  The balance is due one week before the event.  Payment is preferred via cash or check, but we also accept credit card, PayPal or Venmo for your convenience.

  • Final Check In

    Two weeks before your event, we'll reconnect with you via email to confirm all the details including delivery or pickup instructions, inevitable last-minute additions and day-of contact details.