Fundraising with Rooted Farmstead

At Rooted Farmstead, using our small business as a force for good is at the core of our values. As the number of requests from incredibly worthy causes have increased dramatically, we've curated and formalized our offerings below designed help you cultivate support for your organization:

1. Benefit Day

Description: Celebrate your cause with a Benefit Day at Rooted Farmstead. Choose a date, and watch as up to 15%* of each purchase made by supporters mentioning your organization contributes to your fundraiser. 

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Day: Choose a date that aligns with your organization's schedule and our pick-your-own flower availability (Mid-July through mid-October).
  2. Spread the Word: Promote your Benefit Day within your community to drive participation.
  3. Day of: Representatives of your organization are encouraged to be present for the duration of the event to engage visitors. You are welcome to bring promotional material, other items to sell directly to customers and more.
  4. Contributions: For every person mentioning your organization on Benefit Day, 15%* of their purchase supports your fundraiser.

    * If your organization does not have an official 501c3 status, the contribution is 10%

    2. Private Workshop

    Description: Engage your supporters with a Private Workshop, either on the farm or at The Makery. Enjoy 15%* of each ticket sale dedicated to your fundraiser, creating a memorable and creative experience.

    How It Works:

    1. Choose Your Venue: Decide between the farm or The Makery for your exclusive workshop.
    2. Craft Your Experience: Select a workshop experience that align with your organization's theme or mission.
    3. Ticket Sales Support: We will create a custom event listing on our website where attendees can purchase their tickets, eliminating the hassle of organizing attendees and collecting payment yourself.  Earn 15% of each ticket sale to directly contribute to your fundraising goals. This will be issued in the form of a check at the conclusion of the event.

      * If your organization does not have an official 501c3 status, the contribution is 10%

      3. Bulk Blooms

      Description: Unleash the beauty of bulk flowers for your fundraising with Bulk Blooms. Enjoy a 15%* discount on our extra-large buckets, offering versatile options for your organization and near limitless earning potential.

      How It Works:

      1. Select Your Blooms: We provide a discount code for your organization to purchase your desired quantity of our extra-large Bucket of Blooms 
      2. Unleash Your Creativity: Decide on the best way to utilize the bulk flowers, from hosting a DIY Bouquet Bar to pre-made bouquets or delivery services.
      3. Profitable Blooms: Your organization retains the proceeds from the sale of the flowers, maximizing your fundraising potential.

        * If your organization does not have an official 501c3 status, the contribution is 10%

        4. Item Donations

        Description: We also support causes through item donations. For official 501c3 non-profits, the donation limit is $25 per year, and for other causes, it is $15 per year. These donations will be provided in the form of a gift card that can be the raffle item itself or used to purchase items for fundraising activities.

        Your Organization's Responsibilities: As part of our partnership, we kindly request that your organization:

        • Tag Rooted Farmstead in all social media posts related to the fundraiser.
        • Include links to our website or social media accounts in newsletters and promotional materials.
        • Feature our name and logo prominently on all printed materials related to the event.
        • Grant permission to use any tagged photos for our marketing efforts.

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