Collection: Garden Market

Welcome to Rooted Farmstead's Garden Market Preview!

Get ready for a new kind of neighborhood nursery. What started as offering our extra flower starts each spring has us called to bring our area a refreshing, authentic boutique garden market experience.
Here, we're redefining the "garden center" label, steering clear of overwhelming clutter and sterile big-box store vibes. Instead, picture us as your approachable, thoughtfully curated boutique - but for gardens instead of closets.
Rooted Farmstead is expanding our nursery offerings, boosting both volume and variety. From seeds to hanging baskets, veggies to herbs, and everything in between, we've got your gardening needs covered. Unlike big box stores, we won't just sell you whatever, whenever, wherever. Everything here is wildly intentional, considering everything from our microclimates in Happy Valley to the latest trends in home gardens and floral design.
Our "if we can do it, you can do it" mindset, rooted in our self-taught journey, we're here to guide and teach you along the way. Whether you're envisioning expansive garden beds or petite windowsill planters, Rooted Farmstead is all about encouraging and empowering new and beginning gardeners.
Join us in this inspirational and experiential gardening journey kicking off at our Season Opener March 16th!